Level 1

*Writing sentences, basic grammar, mechanics, friendly letter, paragraph, and other topics

In First Grade, your child will learn:  how to use words to make complete sentences, basic grammar, capitalization and punctuation of sentences, compose a friendly letter and a paragraph, and other topics.

 Level 1 Curriculum - $40

Included:  DVD with lesson-by-lesson video instruction and printable worksheets/assignment sheets/answer key in PDF format.  PDF files (not DVDs) are sent by email.

      Preprinted Workbook Level 1 - $20

OPTIONAL: If you do not want to take the time to print worksheets, add a preprinted workbook to your order. You will be prompted during checkout. 

Note:  It is recommended that students begin first grade AFTER they have a basic understanding of spelling phonetically.  We recommend the "All About Spelling" program.  Click the picture on the right to visit All About Spelling's homepage.


Stephens Educational Services, Music Instruction - Instrumental, West Plains, MO


  • Review Letter Formation and Sounds
  • Introduction to Complete Sentences
  • Capitalization Rules: Beginning of sentences, names
  • Punctuation Rules:  period, question mark, & exclamation point
  • Basic Grammar:  Subject/Predicate, Nouns, Action Verbs
  • Parts of a Personal Letter
  • Writing a Personal Letter
  • Parts of a Paragraph
  • Writing a Paragraph
  • Other Forms of Written Communication:  Lists
  • Introduction to Narrative and Descriptive Paragraphs
  • Text Features of Poetry

Sample Lesson

PLEASE NOTE:  This sample is taken from lessons toward the end of first grade.

Table of Contents

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Sample Worksheet/Assignment 

Lesson 29B Action verbs.pdf Lesson 29B Action verbs.pdf
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